Youtube’s removal of Dislike Count is a Big Brother Move

Youtube, just in the past twenty-four hours has officially announced that it is removing its Dislike Count under every video on the platform globally.

And, I can’t wait to call this out as one of the biggest “Big Brother Move” that any big tech company or platform has made in the past decade.

It is such a bad and oppressive move against the “Freedom of Expression” of its global userbase. This decision to remove the dislike count under the videos on its platform shows how much respect Youtube has for its users. And in this case, it's a big zero.

I kind of was expecting Youtube to be doing things like this against those that don't necessarily agree with it in terms of political and non-popular opinions. But this act of Youtube really blew me out of my mind because of how blatantly open of an attack this is on people’s ability to express themselves.

Youtube and its top-level management should be very much ashamed of this and whoever is the group of people behind this move should be openly condemned by those that champion the freedom of speech on a global scale.

This is not just a bad move in terms of youtube’s userbase to express itself, but on a whole new level, it is also a very big business problem. Since this very act of the company can turn as the edge for its competitors to take a shot at it in ways that were not possible a few years ago.

Even though as of today youtube doesn't have any seriously threatening competition when it comes to online video hosting and streaming space. It can very well change in the near future if there comes any breakthrough to make possible the existence of a good enough alternative to youtube.

If there is one thing that I’m optimistic about Silicon Valley, that is, if there is an opportunity to strike gold at tried times like this when “Big Tech” makes “Big Brother Moves” the small players from the valley can really rise up to challenge.

Exactly like how Apple came into existence when IBM the “Big Blue” was literally holding hostage the whole technology world in the palm of its business hands as it existed at that time.

These kinds of actions by Youtube are not going to benefit the company and its business prospects in the long term. If anything they can only help its competitors get a very much-needed business and service edge to basically flip and turn the table upside down.

The investors of Alphabet, the parent company of both Google and its family of services should voice their opinion against such immature acts of Youtube since it is only going to affect them in the upcoming years. They have to pay the price for it, not the dumb and brainless management of Youtube that is making up these decisions as they will.

I just hope more startups across the globe would start working on building a viable alternative to Youtube. Since time and history have never aligned this perfectly against the “Big Tech” as it has now.

Thank you for reading this, and God Bless Everyone.


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