TikTok's Algorithm is a Mysterious Monster

I was wrong about TikTok’s algorithm in the past and I want to share the alarmingly important thing that I have deduced as a result of being wrong about the same.

Last year this time I was looking at TikTok as this spell-binding phenomenon that looked pretty unstoppable with the kind of its gigantic growth and monstrous virality all over the internet in comparison with all the other social media platforms that have come and grown before it.

Last year when looking at TikTok as a social media platform I thought that it is not much different from the other ones that already exist. And, both its growth/virality would come to an end as more and more users onboard into its userbase on a global scale.

Since that is pretty much what has happened forever in the world of social media let’s say for the past one and a half-decade from 2005 to up until now.

Almost all social media platforms’ virality on the basis of their backend secretive algorithms have come down gradually over the course of their existence. And Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube are pretty much the prime examples of it.

But in the case of TikTok, I was enormously wrong.

So, when I say I was wrong about TikTok’s algorithm. All of you might wonder what do I actually mean by that. I would explain the same below.

  • “When it comes to Social Media Platforms forever now almost all of them have been powered by a backend algorithm that is both logically understandable and explainable”.

For example, On Facebook, the reason for a random post, video, image, gif, or even a in platform suggestion popping up in your feed can be broken down into logical reasons. And then deduced to get an understanding of how the platform is working.

The above thing that I have said is true in the case of Facebook from the time of its creation to this very moment when I’m writing this blog post.

And the same is true for Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube too.

Except for this thing called “TikTok”.

None of this seems to make sense, the way how TikTok works is so weird and alarming. It is as if TikTok somehow knows more about us despite having less data about us in comparison with the likes of Facebook and Google.

The only way TikTok can possibly achieve this is if they are using a more “Advanced Non-Human-Based Algorithmic Cluster” that nobody else is either aware of or not willing to implement.

The TikTok algorithm is difficult to break down in a logical or linear way, unlike other social media platforms.

And unfortunately, it's a problem that nobody including Facebook is either not aware of or actually not doing something about it.

It’s very concerning to me that a Chinese-owned company would have a weird dominance in the social media space. Mainly because of the algorithmic advantage. China is known for its mass surveillance practices both on its own citizens and other important global individuals.

The reason why TikTok’s algorithmic advantage is so concerning to me is because of how this very advantage can be used for bad purposes in so many ways. Especially when everyone is not even being aware of its existence.

I just hope that the dark secrets behind TikTok and how far beyond average it is when it comes to being constantly viral would come to light in the upcoming years.

I also hope things won’t go too much out of hand before that happens.

Thank you for reading this, and God Bless Everyone.


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Name: Tabbrez

Bio: Genius, Polymath, Entrepreneur, Philosopher.

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