Spotify to work with Shopify on adding Artists merch collection

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Spotify a week ago has announced that it will be working with one of the world’s most prominent e-commerce players Shopify to help its music artists make more money out of their potential hardcore fan base. The plan from Spotify's side is to create a more integrated way to connect the artist's already existing Shopify merchandise store with Spotify to help direct traffic in a more efficient and user-friendly method.

Hence helping them sell more.

One of the reasons why I like this move of Spotify is because of the fact that it shows Spotify cares about its artists and their revenue. And I think it should care about them because not every music creator on its platform makes millions with the launch of their new album or song.

The chances of you being a musician, singer, or artist on Spotify and making a considerable amount of money from it is very unlikely unless you are a pretty big A-list or somewhat well-known B-list player in the music industry on a global scale.

There have been numerous complaints from various music creators for years now on the fact that how Spotify is not being fair and transparent with them when it comes to revenue sharing. It’s very bad to let things be that way for Spotify’s future in my opinion. And I’m pretty sure that Mr. Daniel Ek the CEO of Spotify is also aware of that.

Because of all these reasons alone, I think the company should start to focus on newer ways other than the buck per stream method to help its music creators and artists make some revenue which in turn can benefit both the parties in a sound and mutual way.

And I look at this particular move of Spotify to work with Shopify on the integration of the artist's merch store with their respective music profile to be in line with what I have said in terms of finding newer methods to help its creators make more money.

At the end of the day, I personally want Spotify to grow in its space since I consider it to be a balancing thing for the world of online media creation especially against the likes of Youtube. For that to happen, the platform's contributors meaning the music creators, singers, artists, and podcasters should grow both in influencing and economic terms.

And, the only way that could happen is if Spotify starts to care about each and every single contributor of its platform.

I just hope that this move of Spotify would benefit its creators as much as it should to propel the company forward in business terms.

Thank you for reading this, and God Bless Everyone.


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The Business Terminal

The Business Terminal

The Business Terminal is where I Blog and Document my take on everything that happens in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Corporate America. — Tabbrez

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