Oracle: Annual revenue report from 2005 to 2021

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Oracle is one of my most favorite technology companies out there in the world mainly because of its founder Mr. Larry Ellison. He is such a “Genius in Flesh” and as a result of that, he built the world's greatest database technology company that has acted as the bedrock for the Information Age that we live in today.

And whenever an entrepreneur does something like this they end up being super-rich because of the kind of revenue growth that their company sees over time, in this case, it's decades in a row.

Let’s have a look at the annual revenue of Oracle for the past one and a half-decade from 2005 to up until this ongoing year 2021. But before that here is an official about of Oracle for you the reader.

Wikipedia snippet about Oracle: Oracle is an American multinational computer technology corporation headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company sells database software and technology, cloud-engineered systems, and enterprise software products — particularly its own brands of database management systems.

In 2020, Oracle was the second-largest software company in the world by revenue and market capitalization. The company also develops and builds tools for database development and systems of middle-tier software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Human Capital Management (HCM) software, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software (AKA customer experience), Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) software, and Supply Chain Management (SCM) software. End of the snippet.

Now, enough information about Oracle, let’s look at its revenue numbers over the years in the graphical representation below. Note: The revenue numbers are in billion U.S. dollars.

Oracle: Annual revenue report from 2005 to 2021

As it is visible through the graph above the company has seen a steady growth of annual revenue for the past fifteen years in a row and that’s exactly how the best investment-worthy business looks like from the perspective of numbers.

This did not happen as an accident it is the sheer hard work of the company for decades to build only the best state-of-the-art database and supporting software for it to make the technology world better.

The annual revenue has gone from a mere $11.8 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2005 to a whopping $40.48 billion U.S. dollars as of 2021. And the great thing about this is the fact that it has happened in a growing graph style for the past fifteen years. It’s amazing to look at businesses like this.

Kudos to Mr. Ellison for doing this good of a job at building a technology business like Oracle along with changing the world for the better with its products and services.

Thank you for reading this, and God Bless Everyone.


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The Business Terminal is where I Blog and Document my take on everything that happens in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Corporate America. — Tabbrez

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The Business Terminal

The Business Terminal

The Business Terminal is where I Blog and Document my take on everything that happens in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Corporate America. — Tabbrez

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