Netflix Third Quarter Earnings 2021

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Netflix announces its Third Quarter Earnings report for the year 2021. The numbers are good, but I still see a challenging future for the company in the upcoming years. I say that because of how increasingly competitive the business of streaming and content creation has become. Especially in the past four years.

Now, let’s talk numbers since they can help us understand the real situation that is taking place in Mr. Reed’s camp.

Despite posting good or as I would like to say decent metrics, Netflix shares saw an unexpected dip. Which to me is not surprising since I know the possible reason behind it like I have said at the start of this post itself.

Below is the important list of points from the Netflix third-quarter earnings report.

  • Paid subscriber count: Netflix reported a total of 213.6M paid subscribers across the globe against the investor's expectation of 212.9M. Beating it by a close, but considerable margin. Good on that for them.

The only problem I have with this earnings report is the fact that almost all of the important metrics were clinched only by a close call. It’s concerning to think about Netflix’s future if by any chance the competitors keep continuing to grow at their current trend. And by that, I mean Disney+.

Before ending this post, about Reed Hastings.

I love that guy, an amazingly decisive Entrepreneur. He and his company are as American as anything can get. Sad that he is facing a challenging time. It’s only gonna get tough from now. But if there is anyone who can withstand it, it's him and him alone.

Hope he would do everything possible under the sun to ensure Netflix’s domination in the streaming world.

Thank you for reading this, and God Bless Everyone.


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