LinkedIn is shutting down in China

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LinkedIn is shutting down in China. And, I’m literally not surprised about it since I luckily happen to have a working brain inside my head from the time I was born.

For those of you who don’t know what is happening in China let me give you a little recap below.

In the last eight months pretty openly and for the past fourteen plus months under the hood the Chinese government has been going on a never before seen iron fist crackdown of power in almost everything that it sees as its remote threat inside its own country.

Among the potential threats are both the Gigantic tech and non-tech companies that exist in China and their powerful founders, owners, and managers.

Let’s also not forget the kind of data and information about china and its population that these companies have under them. And, that’s exactly what the Chinese government wants. All for themselves with basically no partners in the game.

If you are someone who keeps yourself updated with what’s happening in the business world every now and then. You should have known about this time last year when “Jack Ma” one of the most famous Tech entrepreneurs from China went missing for a considerable amount of time from public view.

And, it was primarily because of the Chinese government not wanting any sort of individual public figures glorification. Since it could in a way inspire the population to be more freedom-loving and expressive which the Chinese government is very much against.

Now, coming back to the topic of this blog.

Microsoft on October 14th, 2021, has announced that it will be shutting down its localized version of Linkedin in China following the “Difficulties faced in operating a service like this because of the challenging environment in china on the basis of platform compliance”.

It’s important to note that when Facebook, Google, and other very vital American internet companies were not allowed in china from somewhere like the year 2009.

It was only this Linkedin with a local version of it for china from 2014 that was operating despite being a western company. Sad that china is constantly moving away from the rest of the world in a weirdly wrong way.

Believe me, a continued walk in this direction is not gonna end well for China in the long term. The “History of Nations” up until now is very clear about it.

Microsoft also ensured that it will be not abandoning china completely. And, will be launching a new job board site called “InJobs” by the end of this year with extremely few features and data collection.

Thank you for reading this, and God Bless Everyone.


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The Business Terminal is where I Blog and Document my take on everything that happens in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Corporate America. — Tabbrez

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The Business Terminal

The Business Terminal

The Business Terminal is where I Blog and Document my take on everything that happens in Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Corporate America. — Tabbrez

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