Google Glass should Comeback

The year was 2012, the smartphone market along with android software was just taking off on a never before imagined global scale while Facebook had kind of already peaked in the desktop market. And, that’s when I first came to know about this amazingly futuristic project that Google was said to be working on under the hood and was about to bring it out to the outside world by somewhere around 2013.

The project was called the “Google Glass” and it was headed directly by the Genius man and co-founder of Google Mr. Sergey Brin himself.

As I came to know about the Google Glass project I got very much excited by the sheer idea of how we humans can have access and control to this amazing computing power without actually using our hands very often, but rather with voice commands and eye movements alone.

Google Glass project was so futuristic just to imagine itself, especially back in the year 2012.

Everything was going great about the smart glass project of Google and everyone from Tech enthusiasts to commentators to geeks to consumers was excited about its potential possibilities as the next step in the realm of the continuous smart tech revolution.

And that’s when the fully loaded super heavy truck of “Reality” hit the “Google Glass” project in a completely unexpected way. It was pretty tough for everyone who was excited about the project to accept it, but there was never a choice.

So let me explain that Harsh Reality in brief detail below.

Let’s be honest the Google Glass project was futuristic and the problem with almost all of the futuristic products is that they are always ahead of the time in which they are being “designed, built, and tested”. And that’s where the problem started.

The Google Glass as a consumer product was so weirdly ahead of its time that the state-of-the-art hardware, software, and cloud capabilities needed to make it possible were so out of hand in the year 2012. Even for a Technology Behemoth like Google.

I mean everything was there to build a “Google Glass” up to a let’s say prototype stage or even a beta testing hardware stage. But nothing was ever close to building it to a level where it can be something just perfect and be shipped to even an experimental level of mass consumer market on a scale and be seamlessly used with an amazing user experience.

That’s where things kind of fell apart and just froze in time.

Now, I think enough of talking about the sad past, let’s discuss the optimistic future like the title of this blog post suggests.

I think Google Glass should make a comeback, because.

  • Snapchat spectacles in 2017 showed a glimpse of hope for a business-wise shippable wearable smart glass that can both take pictures and record videos while syncing things back and forth with the app and smartphone.
  • The smartwatch global market growth in the past decade in my opinion has very much bridged the hardware gap that is required to bring back Google Glass from death.
  • I don't even want to talk about cloud computing growth after 2015 since it is pretty much evident to almost everyone and the cloud capabilities have also reached a stage where a mass consumer smart glass product is more possible now in the upcoming years than ever.
  • The final and most important point, “Facebook + Ray-Ban Stories” launched in the past month, and their features/functionalities all signify the potential of evolution into a full-fledged futuristic smart glass.

These above-mentioned and outlined four simple points are the solid reasons why I do not just think but honestly believe that now will be undoubtedly the most perfect time for Google Glass to make a comeback and give it a try at grabbing the next realm of technological greatness in the mass consumer market on a global scale.

Thank you for reading this, and God Bless Everyone.


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