Edward Snowden and Crypto Whale on Bitcoin

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Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain are some of the most complicated yet revolutionary pieces of technology that have emerged in the past decade. Even though they have been existing in different forms for the past three-plus decades now. It’s only in this last eight or so years that they have grown at a rate of speed that we could have only imagined let’s say like twelve years ago.

With their meteoric rise and disruption on a global scale comes a lot of questions on what these technologies could mean for both the present and future of the human race.

Now even though I have a lot of opinions and perspectives on all these technologies that I’m discussing in this blog post. It’s nearly impossible to explain all of it in one shot because of how complex and ambiguous these topics are in reality.

And that’s why I thought I could alternatively share a very specific and important glimpse of perspective about just Bitcoin based on the opinion of two different people for who I have a lot of respect. I came across this as I was wandering across the intellectual depths of the Internet.

The one right below is what Edward Snowden tweeted about Bitcoin on 4th October 2021. For those of you who may not know about Snowden, he is the once in a millennia hero for the freedom of speech and privacy of every single human on the planet earth.

Edward Snowden on bitcoin

And, now the next one below is from the Crypto Whale, who is and happens to be one of the most influential voices on Twitter for All things Bitcoin, Crypto, and Blockchain.

Crypto Whale on Edward Snowden's opinion about bitcoin

Now, this is where the blog actually starts. And the question is who is right about Bitcoin. Is it Snowden or Crypto Whale?

I love Snowden, he is like the Jesus of Freedom of Speech as of today in my honest opinion.

But, when it comes to this Bitcoin thing I think it's people like Crypto Whale who are actually correct in accordance with the current trend that I see both in the Silicon Valley and the kind of Investment pumping that’s happening on Wall Street.

I agree with Crypto Whale’s argument more because of how accurate he is with his highlighting of the technical disadvantages that Bitcoin has and will continue to have as it tries to scale beyond what it is today. Also, Crypto Whale’s opinion about Bitcoin makes sense even in basic economic terms when it comes to its intrinsic value.

Snowden’s point of view about Bitcoin seems to be solely based on the concept of freedom of expression and privacy, which I think is great but not enough to draw a final judgment on technologies like Crypto and Blockchain.

I think Snowden and people like him who support Bitcoin will continue to be wrong at least for the next five to eight years. Till we get a clear picture of where Crypto and Blockchain are going to be.

Kudos to Crypto Whale for speaking I mean actually tweeting the truth whenever and wherever it is needed the most.

By the way, It’s going to take quite some time until we as the human race truly end up knowing what this Crypto and Blockchain have got in store for us.

I just hope it will be something as good as the “Internet”.

Thank you for reading this, and God Bless Everyone.


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