Asian Market report for week 47 of 2021

It’s that time of the week for me to look back at the performance charts of all the major stock market indices of Asia. And that includes Nikkei 225 of Japan, the SSE composite index of China, Hang Seng of Hong Kong, and Nifty 50 of India. Now let’s look at all of those indices one by one and break down their performance in numbers to see what is happening and where things can go from here.

Nikkei 225 of Japan:

The Nikkei 225 of Japan has ended the week in the red zone at 28,751 points with a solid loss of 889 points on a week-over-week basis. The index started the week in red and continued on a sideways momentum for the first half. And in the second half of the week, there was a steep decline in points which followed till the last active trading session with a dismissable sign of recovery.

SSE composite index of China:

The SSE composite index of China ended the week in the green zone at 3,564 points with an absolutely not worthy gain of 1.33 points on a week-over-week basis. It’s good that at least the index ended in the green zone unlike the rest of Asian markets. As you can see in the graph given above the movements of points have been very sharp and steep throughout all days of the week. But in the last moment of the active trading session, there seems to be a loss of points which to me is a sign of concern for the opening of next week.

Hang Seng of Hong Kong:

The Hang Seng of Hong Kong has ended the week in the red zone at 24,080 points with a hefty loss of 976 points on a week-over-week basis. The index opened itself in red and continued to slide through the week. And in the last two days, it took a sharp decline with absolutely no sign of recovery. The decline was note-worthy on Friday the last day of the week. Also, there doesn't seem to be a good sign of recovery yet based on the graph and chart. Have to wait and see for further movement prediction.

Nifty 50 of India:

The Nifty 50 of India has ended the week in the red zone at 17,026 points with a loss of 603 points on a week-over-week basis. The index opened and moved in negative throughout the week with sharp movements back and forth. And things really went out of control on the last day of the week with a loss of more than 500 points in a single day itself contributing to the overall loss of points for the week. The problem here is that there is no sign of recovery to be visible in the chart for further prediction of an upward trend in the upcoming week.

Things look terrible for almost all indices of the Asian markets in the past week. The points have just fallen in a downward spiral style with no recovery momentum for the next week's opening. Have to wait and see with nothing but hope for the best.

Thank you for reading this, and God Bless Everyone.


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