Asian Market report for week 46 of 2021

The Asian markets have had one of the most volatile weeks of trading in the past five days. All of that can be seen in the graphical representation of the indices from those respective markets. From Tokyo to Shanghai to Hong Kong and India it was sharp ups and downs throughout the week with most of them ending in the red zone of further decline.

Let’s get started with the graphs and numbers down below.

Nikkei 225 of Tokyo:

The week for Nikkei 225 of Tokyo started with a sharp movement of points and by the second half of the week, things really started to free-fall from Thursday to as low as 29,400 points. But the last day of the week saw some quick recovery to pull the index up from depths and end at 29,745 points. Yet the weekly graph is in red with a loss of 62 points in comparison to last week. If everything goes well the recovery should continue in the upcoming week to take the index back in the green zone.

SSE composite index of Shanghai:

The SSE composite index of Shanghai saw steep upward and downward movements on almost all days of the week but luckily ended in the green zone at 3,560 points. An increase of only 17 points in comparison with last week's performance. It is notable that only the Shanghai index among all the indices discussed in this post ended with a positive sign for this past week.

Hang Seng index of Hong Kong:

The Hang Seng index of Hong Kong had a similar week of performance like Nikkei 225 with a steady decline in the first three days of the week followed by a free fall of points on Thursday. The index ended in red at 25,049 with a decline of 388 points in comparison with last week. A recovery sign is visible on Friday with not much momentum signaling a slow comeback by the middle of next week.

Nifty 50 of India:

Among all the indices mentioned in this report, Nifty 50 of India saw the maximum level of continuous decline of points throughout the week. The drop of points accelerated as the trading week progressed. To only end the week in the red zone at 17,764 with a loss of 216 points on a week-over-week basis. No sign of recovery is seen in the graph which signals the fall of points for at least the next two active days of the market in the upcoming week.

The Asian markets have had some shaky journey in the past week showing us the underlying volatility of listed businesses in these markets. And the indices look like they will fall a little further before the recovery momentum kicks in.

Let’s hope for nothing but the best.

Thank you for reading this, and God Bless Everyone.


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