Alphabet Third Quarter Earnings 2021

Alphabet the parent company of Google has published its third-quarter earnings data for the year 2021. And it has very comfortably beaten almost all the investor/analyst metrics for the quarter. It’s actually amazing to look at Alphabet do this well despite the long list of struggling ventures it has at any given time. Let’s not forget the never-ending failure services that get shut down every three, four years after being launched.

Now, talking about the numbers that we can see in the third-quarter earnings report of Alphabet. They are nothing less than spectacular. A perfect example of a perfectly grown business.

Let’s have a look at the different metrics breakdown of the earnings report.

Revenue: Alphabet has generated quarterly revenue of $65.12 billion in comparison with the $63.34 billion U.S. dollars that was expected by wall street analysts. This is the kind of business performance that would make an investor really, I mean really happy.

Earnings per share: The company has made earnings per share of $27.99 against the $23.48 predicted by the investors. Once again an amazing show of business operation to produce a result like this at this margin of difference.

Youtube revenue: Youtube has accumulated a whopping quarterly revenue of $7.20 billion whereas the predicted target number was only $7.4 billion U.S. dollars. Great that they have beaten the analyst expectation in this category too considering the implementation of Apple’s privacy feature for iOS devices earlier this year.

Alphabet has informed that Apple’s privacy move has had little than expected impact on its Youtube Ad business.

The company’s share price didn’t react much to the published earnings report which is a very good sign that explains that the company is valued in direct proportion to its business value in the current market trend.

My opinion on Alphabet before ending this post.

The company is doing great, so is the business. But not in every possible business venture that they have stepped into. And, that’s a very big concerning problem for its future since that very thing can make Alphabet irrelevant within no time with enough disrupting innovation from its competitors.

So it's very important that Alphabet streamlines its subsidiary ventures every now and then to ensure that they stay light enough to move fast and break things for the better.

Thank you for reading this, and God Bless Everyone.


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